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If you have received a phone that is connected to the Vodafone network, this page explains some of the features of the service and how to activate/de-activate them. Any information that is not dealt with here should be covered on the Vodafone website.

Changing your SIM card PIN number
This is a security measure that will force you to enter a unique PIN number every time you switch on the phone. If you lose the phone (when it is switched off!) no one else will be able to make calls on your account. We strongly recommend you do this.

This is executed on the handset. Different handsets operate in slightly different ways so please refer to your handset manual for precise instructions. If you are asked for a PIN code the default is 0000. Please remember you will need to activate the PIN code request to take advantage of this feature.

Your PUK number (Personal Unblocking Code)
If you enter an incorrect SIM card PIN number 3 times your phone will 'lock up'. You will be asked to enter your PUK number, which will have been provided in your welcome letter. Please keep this number safe for future reference.
Activating your Voicemail (Your Mobile's Answerphone)
If your Voicemail is not working and you wish to have this facility then please activate it.

To set this up dial 1211 followed by SEND

To deactivate it at any time dial 1210 followed by SEND

To retrieve your messages dial 121 at any time.

If your Voicemail is still not working then dial 100 followed by SEND and talk to the Vodafone operator who will help.

Changing the greeting on your Voicemail to a personal message
To set this up dial 121 followed by SEND.

Key 1 for the main menu followed by 33 . Follow the voice prompts .N.B. To end and save recording key #

Suggested message "You have reached the mobile phone of (your name). I cannot take your call at the moment but please leave your name, number and time of call and I'll get back to you. Thank you."

Changing your Voicemail PIN number
This is another security measure but this time to protect your Voicemail. If you do not set it then someone else could access your Voicemail and listen to your messages or change your personal greeting. Again, we strongly recommend you do this.

Dial 121 followed by SEND , i.e. call your Voicemail.

Key 1 for the main menu then key 42 to access security settings. Then key 2 to set your security code.

There are two levels of security available:

Complete: (you will be prompted for your security code whether accessing messages from your mobile or remotely) key 32.

Standard: (you will be prompted for your security code only when accessing messages remotely) key 33.

Accessing Voicemail from abroad.
Whilst you are abroad you will not be automatically phoned to alert you that you have messages. However, many overseas networks do support text messaging and a 'message waiting' icon will be sent.

To access your messages (whilst abroad or from a landline)...

Dial your personal mailbox number or dial your Vodafone telephone number followed by SEND When your hear your greeting press 9. You will then be asked to enter your voicemail PIN number (see above). Your messages will then be replayed.

Respond Plus - the personal answering service
When you can't answer the phone or don't want to, but would like your phone answered by a professional operator - simply divert all calls to Respond Plus. An operator will answer in your name and/or company name. The operator will then take a message. Respond Plus is a chargeable service.

Set up your Respond Plus greeting;
Dial 07663-700900, the operator will take your details and set up your greeting.

Divert your calls to Respond Plus;
Dial *122#

To cancel the divert to Respond Plus;
Dial #122#

Call waiting
Call Waiting alerts you to incoming calls when your mobile phone is already in use.

Call Holding lets you switch between the calls. A soft beeping noise alerts you that someone else is trying to call while you are on the phone. On hearing the beep look at the display. Calling Line Identity will identify the name and/or number of who is calling. You then have three options: you can either end your current call which answers the second call automatically, or you can put your current call on hold while you answer the second call. If you choose not to take the second call, it will be transferred to your Voicemail Mailbox as usual.

Note: Privacy is maintained between the two calls at all times.

To activate Call Waiting dial *43# send.
To accept second call and disconnect first key 1 send.
To hold first call and accept second key 2 send.
To swap from one call to the other key 2 send.
To disconnect one call and reconnect the other key 1 send.
To cancel Call Waiting dial #43# send.

Checklist before using your phone abroad
Contact the  Isis Telecommunications helpdesk to request lifting the international and roaming bars on your handset(s). The lifting of any specified call restrictions is at the sole discretion of Isis Telecommunications and in some circumstances bonds or deposits may be requested as a condition of service.

You will need to check whether your destination has an agreement with Vodafone.

If you don't want to receive incoming calls, set up 'Divert Immediate' by calling 1212 on your handset which will automatically divert all incoming calls to Recall in the UK. Make a note of any security PIN and PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) numbers you may need as well as the phone number of Isis.

For travel to the USA, Canada or South America make sure you have the correct multi-band GSM handset or have hired a GSM compatible handset.

Always remember to switch off your handset before boarding an aircraft.
Making calls while abroad
Remember that you must use the '+' sign with the international country code when making calls while abroad. For example if calling back to the UK: Insert +44 (not 00 44) before the UK number and drop the 0 from the beginning of the STD code, dial the rest of the number as usual.


Arriving at your destination
When you arrive at your destination and switch on your phone, it'll search for a network and, after a short time, will display one of the networks that is available locally. Some Vodafone partner networks allow you to make calls without using complicated codes, so it's best if you select one of these networks when you can.
Cover and call charges
Please go to http://www.vodafone.co.uk to check coverage and roaming call charges for the country you will be visiting.
Contact Isis now to see if we can help your business
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Operator Contact

From your Mobile:
Dial 191

From a Land Line:
01635 665800


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